Business & Strategic Planning

In order to succeed, aviation related businesses need a well-defined strategy and execution plan. We help established companies, as well as start-ups and early growth enterprises find their direction and takeoff. Equipped with vast industry experience across multiple regions and aviation sub-sectors, we have helped aviation entities such as lessors, airlines, charter operators, airports, and aviation software suppliers succeed through sound strategic advice and development of winning business plans.

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Turnarounds & Restructurings

We offer proactive support to clients looking to redefine their business. Through on-site audits of processes, procedures, and people, we provide independent assessments of enterprise strength and weakness. Our recommendations seek to enhance value and create sustainable long-term success. Whether through improved cashflow, cost control and rationalisation, debt restructuring, or obtaining additional funds to breathe life into the business, we provide guidance on the optimal way to restore value to distressed enterprises.

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Economic & Financial Modelling

We pride ourselves on building comprehensive yet easy-to-understand, FAST standards compliant financial models. Our financial models have been used in multibillion dollar transactions and are designed to cater to various purposes such as: mapping out future profitability, determining financing requirements, performing equity/enterprise valuations, identifying and benchmarking unit costs, performing sensitivity and scenario analyses, isolating problems and mapping out critical path to recovery.

Our financial models are often part of loan applications, due diligence processes and investor prospectuses seeking injection of fresh equity or debt into their operations.

We can also renew or benchmark your existing models, offer independent transaction modeling assistance and provide proactive support via comprehensive training for your team.

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Transaction Structuring & Advisory

Whether one seeks advice on designing the optimal deal origination or exit structure, our team of experts deliver solutions covering key accounting, tax, regulatory, and commercial perspectives. We provide comprehensive support to a broad range of transactions in the aviation sector including private placements, initial public offerings, mergers & acquisitions, demergers, privatisations, aircraft leasing structures, aircraft securitisations, and other complex transactions.

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Commercial & Financial Due Diligence

In any industry, having a fundamental understanding of the associated commercial, financial, and legal risks is imperative to prudent investing. The aviation industry is no different, however, due to the cross-border nature of its operations, there are several intricacies investors must take into consideration before delving into the aviation space. Given our wealth of global experience across aviation sub-sectors, we are uniquely positioned to provide such industry centric due diligence support and assurance to investors.

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Capital Raising & Placement

Raising capital is one of the most challenging activities faced by today’s aviation related businesses. We evaluate the characteristics of both equity and debt investments in this sector and connect investment opportunities to sources of capital world-wide through our network of investors and financial institutions.

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Equity & Enterprise Valuation

The aviation industry poses unique challenges to equity and enterprise valuation. With the rise of off balance sheet financing, sovereign guarantees and fuel price volatility, traditional valuation metrics are challenging to employ and are skewed across firms and across time. Through our deep understanding of the aviation industry and its nuances, we offer highly specialized, independent, transaction-focused business valuation services to investors seeking advice on and appraisal of their investment targets.

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M&A Support

Mergers and acquisitions are a unique opportunity for companies to establish growth platforms, expand market share, enhance profitability, share human resource talents and develop capabilities.

We offer advice to our clients throughout the entire M&A life cycle, from pre-transaction strategic due diligence, deal structuring, financial modelling and valuation, development of an implementation roadmap and hands on project management, to managing post-merger integration and business alignment.

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Privatisation Support

We assist governments in the process of airline/airport privatisation by conducting feasibility studies, developing investment prospectus’, managing calls for tender, managing data rooms, performing due diligence and valuations and appraisals of opportunities.

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