Aircraft & Engine Remarketing

Aircraft remarketing requires not only a comprehensive knowledge of the market coupled with domain technical expertise, but also the ability to see trends and act quickly upon them. At Aerotask, we’ve mastered this having successfully placed numerous aircraft globally with a diverse set of buyers and operators.

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Aircraft Capacity Management

We help our airline clients function with more efficiency via capacity management. Our global network of unique industry relationships help us recognise synergies and connect excess capacity to demand, by host of solutions such as intra-operator sub-leases and wet-leases.

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Lease & Portfolio Management

Drawing upon our industry know-how and commercial experience, we structure leases, forecast and manage maintenance reserve economics, cap residual value exposure, negotiate lease documentation, ensure delivery and re-delivery condition compliance and manage the lease during the contract period.

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Contracts Management & Process Automation

We assist our clients, both aircraft lessors and lessees, to manage contract negotiation and execution with emphasis on identifying areas of financial exposure and risk. During the life of the lease, we oversee parties’ contractual compliance, perform periodic technical inspections and audits, provide maintenance reserve collection & reconciliation services as well as advise on lessor’s contributions to qualifying events.

Process automation has helped our clients streamline operations and contain running costs. We do this via the use of proprietary software which takes the guesswork out of relevant processes and frees up resources.

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Technical Inspections

We provide assurance to our clients on the quality of the assets they plan to acquire, and on the condition of assets they own or have on lease. Our on-site technical inspections and record audits are recognised by lenders and financiers, through our access to ISTAT certified professionals.

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Aircraft & Engine Appraisals

Capitalising on our technical expertise and the insights developed through our trading activities, we provide professional opinions which help our clients in making the right aircraft purchase decisions. Our access to ISTAT certified professionals avail us the ability to provide industry standard aircraft and engine appraisals in support of loan documentation and arms-length transactions.

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Maintenance Cost Management

Maintenance and repair costs are a major component of aircraft leases and ownership. Aiming to minimise those costs while maintaining on-wing reliability is essential and key to an airline’s success.

We help operators maximise asset utilisation by advising and implementing industry best practices for maintenance cost management and prevention.

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Expert Witness Testimonies

Having established ourselves as industry experts with diversified expertise, we provide assistance to clients requiring an expert opinion in industry disputes.

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Delivery & Redelivery Support

The process of re-delivering an aircraft to its owner upon lease expiry is frequently the most commercially sensitive aspect of any leasing transaction as it can significantly impact the profit generated during the lease as well as the relationship between the parties. We are experts in supporting airlines in planning for smooth aircraft returns by providing planning advice aimed at mitigating any unnecessary expenditure related to redelivery conditions, or a delayed return.

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